Wireline Operations

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Z Charts

For evenly spooled wire/cable, maintaining a Z Chart while running in hole is a good practice. The hope would be that it is not needed, however, it is simple to complete & can be very helpful in some undesirable circumstance, e.g., loss of normal depth control due to mechanical or electrical malfunction or wire break downhole.

This chart is fictional for demonstration purposes. After setting the toolstring zero the wire is spooling from the centre of the reel, as the wire is run in hole the spooling moves across to the right side of the drum, (if the wire is spooling to the left, simple start the records from the second line in this spreadsheet), when the wire reaches the right side of the drum the operator logs the depth, pick up & hanging weights. This continues from right to left down the well.

If normal depth control has been lost or the wire has broken downhole, the Z Chart can be used to estimate where the bottom of the toolstring is or if wire is broken, what length of wire has been left in hole, how much wire will be recovered until the broken end is above the downhole safety valve, when it is likely to exit the stuffing box, etc.

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QAQC Checklists

Prior to mobilising equipment, where possible, it is a good idea to visit vendors premises to inspect equipment & ensure the equipment meets the requested specifications & requirements of the planned operations. The checks in the documents are by no means exhaustive, they may not all be relevant for the perticular piece of equipment being mobilised, however, they will give an indication of the type of checks or questions that can be asked to give conifdence in pre-mobilisation QA/QC assurance. Particularly useful if inspecting equipment you are unfamiliar with.

Wireline Equipment QAQC Checklist

Pre-mobilisation checklist for equipment including:

Cable / Wire

Stuffing Box

Grease Injection Head


Chemical Injection Sub / In-Situ Sub

Lubricator / Riser

Wireline Valves

Load Cells

Wireline Winch Unit

Electric Power Pack

Diesel Power Pack


Wireline Mast

Wireline Toolstring QAQC Checklist

Pre-mobilisation checklist for equipment including:

S;ickline Toolstring.

Eline Toolstring

Ancilliary Equipment

Checklist for general equipment used during well interventions such as:

Pumps & Control Panels

Pipework Packages

Air Supply Packages

Pressure Test Equipment

Hand Tools

Lifting & Securing Equipment


Workshop Containers

Air Compressors